Who We Are, What We’re About

Linkus Group is a boutique firm, catering to small and medium sized businesses.  As such, we are flexible and can work within the budgetary restraints of your growing company.
Unlike many of the recruitment agencies out there today, Linkus Group is a unique firm, focused on redefining recruiment – meaning, we don’t believe in charging large commissions.  We are your solution to human capital, specializing in affordable corporate Human Resource solutions.

Our structure is completely different.  We customize what works best for your business.  Think of us as your internal, corporate HR team:  sourcing, organizing, updating and expertly executing all the tasks that a traditional department would.  Alternatively, we can be available on an as-needed basis, when it best suits your company’s needs.  We maintain a strong presence in all industries, ensuring that you don’t have to continually search for alternative solutions to fill all the roles within your organization.

As the driving force behind your new and growing business, you need us to help you save time and resources.  Here at Linkus Group, we understand how crucial and difficult it is for new businesses to find the right talent to take your business to the next level.  We have the right tools to attract and retain that talent for you, working with you to find the perfect fit in order to build your business faster and more effectively.

Seems like such a simple idea, yet up until now, this innovative strategy has not been used in the field of human capital.  We’re changing that.

If you feel that you’ve exhausted enough hours trolling the Internet and spending money you don’t have on job postings, contact us now so we can customize an appropriate plan of action for your business needs today.

Connect.  Innovate.  Succeed.  Make the link with Linkus Group.

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